Managed I.T. Services

Using the latest technologies to fulfill your business requirements

What we do for you.

IT department that handles everything in-house IT service departments traditionally used to.


We implement the IT services that best suit your needs and budget


Technical support, and system protections.


Back up all of your data

What Are the Benefits?


Pro-Active I.T. Monitoring & Maintenance: Prevents potential issues from becoming critical to your business operations.

Monitoring Software: leverages automation and detailed reporting to let us know when things aren’t running at 100% so we can fix issues quickly.

Regular Maintenance: Regular onsite visits, maintenance windows and patch management to keep your business humming along


Security and Data Protection: Safeguard your data against malicious hackers and threats such as e-mail viruses.

Firewalls and Antivirus: We leverage next generation firewalls to stop threats at the edge of your network and employ anti-virus as a second line of defence inside your corporate network.

Protect your Mobile Devices: Today’s business is increasingly being done on mobile devices and as a result, those mobile devices need to be secured as well. Remote wipe of any mobile device or smartphone in the case of loss or theft, as well as defining policies for device usage to make ensure those devices are used according to your organizations acceptable use policies.


Automated Monitoring Solution: Free up time to focus on your business while our automated monitoring solution can track warranty and serial number information for computers, smartphones and peripheral devices,

Asset Standardization: Standardizing your computers, smartphones and peripherals means lower training costs, quicker repair and replacement, and better reliability for all of your business systems.

Procuring Equipment that best suits your business’ needs for your business’ budget. We manage end to end procurement, including warranty renewals, equipment RMA’s and vendor sourcing.

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